About me

Manny Trillo

Hello from San Diego, CA.

Life’s journey is fascinating and I’m on a mission to make the most of it.  I’m a believer in continual learning and personal growth, and I’ve set out to quench my thirst for knowledge and experience.  I’ve spent too many years letting my life decisions be navigated by what others expected and not following my heart and passions.  I have a newly revitalized sense of life.  Now 40, I care much less about letting life’s obstacles get in the way of my following my dreams.

 I hold both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business and have worked for some large organizations in various leadership roles, but they always left me feeling like there’s something I was missing. I want to learn about the things I’ve always been curious about but have never pursued.  I am currently engaged in learning coding, website and graphic design, becoming I.T. certified and Network Certified.  From there I will figure out a path based on what pulls at my interests the most.  With so much to discover and access to more information now than ever before, every day brings something new and exciting.

I’ve created this website to hopefully add value to the web.  It is a place for me to post articles based on my interests, my research, and my career and life experiences.

I have a range of passions that keep me curious and engaged, and sometimes I go down a rabbit hole of curiosity.  For example, my mother was curious about how the medicare system works and how to navigate it, so in doing research for her I ended up becoming a licensed health, accident, and life insurance agent and am currently licensed in most of the States, although I currently only dabble in it here and there.  My interests span from the calming practices of meditation and discovering yoga to the creative fields of photography and drawing, with much in between. I am currently writing my first book which I never before thought that I would be able to do. I’m also intrigued by the ever-changing world of computers, technology and AI, and the exploration of different cuisines.

I currently have been working with small brick and mortar businesses to help them improve their online presence and optimize their Google Business Profile.  If you’re not properly showing up in google searches, you’re missing out on so much potential business! Ask me how I can help you.

I continue to push myself to keep learn and developing new skills, and grow as an individual and as professional.  I am on a mission to enhance my life and to have a positive impact on those around me.

Current focus

  • Go back to school for Technology and combine the new skills with my M.B.A. and vast work experience
  • Help other individuals and small businesses grow through an improved online presence
  • Become Comptia A+ certified,  (Certified I.T. Professional), CCNA certified (CISCO Certified Network Associate), then move into cyber security
  • Build websites for small businesses
  • Write and publish my first book
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
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